Reviews of Books About Travel

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Reviews of Books About Travel

Books about travel, what do we mean by that? Well, of course it means books written by travelers, about their travels. But it can also mean any book which has something to teach the reader about another place or another culture. It could be a novel, if the author really knows their setting or history. It can definitely be a book about the history of a country you have visited or want to visit. Autobiographies and biographies can also give the reader so much depth of information about the place or the culture where the story takes place.

And what makes any of these books wonderful? The answer, for me, is, “Does it take me there?” If I start reading and I’m swept into a different place and/or a different time, that’s a wonderful travel book to me.

So below are some links to reviews of books I have really loved and learned from. I start with Europe and move on to other parts of the world.

Hey, send me some comments or submit a review of your own; let’s make this into an on-line travel-book club!

PostCards from Europe
Travel As a Political Act …you won’t believe this side of Rick Steves
Prague in Black and Gold a fascinating book of Prague history with many facts that will surprise and astonish
Thunder at Twilight: Vienna 1913/1914 gripping true-history, the whole rush of events leading up to WWII
Too Much Tuscan Sun  Hilarious stories and insider’s insights from lively man who has been a guide in Siena for decades

Sixty Million Frenchmen Can’t Be Wrong (Why We Love France But Not the French) A fascinating study of what makes the French the way they are, and why

The Art of Crossing Cultures is an especially insightful book with the goal of helping overseas employees connect with their local colleagues. The author feels strongly that much overseas business is negatively affected by the lack of this kind of connection.  Travelers can also learn much from this book.

The “Culture Shock” Series: Aimed at people who have employment assignments
overseas, this series contains many useful tips for getting along in each foreign country  in the series

The Sailor Dog: a kids’ book about Scuppers, a dog who sails the ocean in his little wooden patched-up ship. By Margaret Wise Brown with delightful illustrations by Garth Williams