Favorite Short Excerpts of Travel Writing


Agatha Christie writing, over looking the River Tigris

Agatha Christie writing, over looking the River Tigris

Sometimes when reading a well written book of the “travel writing” genre, the reader comes across a paragraph or two which just “jumps out” at the reader and “takes you there”. What it really is is a “favorite moment” but instead of being a memory from a trip, the author has reached out and grabbed the reader and taken them there. Below are links to some short excerpts of travel writing which really “took me there” when I read them…

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 An Evocative Paragraph from Agatha Christie
(She captures that magic transformation that happens during travel)

A Camel Caravan Starts Up in the Morning
(Burton’s paragraph takes the reader there!)

Description of a Sailboat Setting Out on a Journey
excerpt from Riddle in the Sands a classic spy novel by Erskine Childers