Set Up Your Own Blog Through Blogspot


(To do this, you will need to set up a Google account if you don’t already have one. )

go to

sign in with your google account if you have one. If you do not have a Google account, you can set one up at this same page, clicking on “Create an Account”.

a page will come up with the orange blogger logo. One of the boxes will be “Create a New Blog”

decide on a title and type it in An example of a title would be “My Trips” although I think you can get more creative than that

Decide on your URL (the address of your blog) and type it in. An example would be (You will have to be more complicated than that, because they will not let you use one that other people have used, so you might put your initials first, or something like that).

Then all you have to do is pick a template (this means a background for your blog, they have quite a few choices) and

Click on “Create Your Blog”

Then if you are ready to start posting, click on “start posting”

The form will come up. Type in your title (ex. First Day of Our Boring Trip) write your text.

To add a photo, first put your cursor right where you want that photo to go.

fthere is a row of little icons at the top, click on the one that looks like a little picture

Single click on that icon

A box will come up. By opening this box, you are now in the file manager of your blog. Photos must be uploaded here before they can go into your post (photos on your computer are not “in the cloud” and they must be “in the cloud/on line” before you can put them on your post.

First, let’s upload from photos on your computer. There are choices along the top of this window. If the Upload choice is already “up”, click on “choose files”.

(If he “Upload” choice is not up, you would have to bring it up by clicking on it.)

By clicking on “choose files” you will bring up the “file manager” of your hard drive, which includes your “pictures”

Find the photo you want among your folders (it might be on your desktop or anywhere else on the computer, but we won’t go there now, because it’s probably in your “pictures” folder/folders).

Click on the photo, and click open. This will drop the photo into your “upload” on the file manager for the blog.

Click on the photo (it is now appearing in your “upload” file) which will put a blue border around it.

Click “add selected”, which will put the photo into your post, (right where you want it, because you had put the cursor there).

Once the photo is in your blog, click on it and a strip appears at the bottom of it which lets you adjust whether it’s in the middle, on the right, on the left, and what size you want it to be.

When you are happy with your first post, make sure to click “save” (top right). Then make sure to click “Publish” which is what actually puts your post on line.

Now you can e-mail/text/call all your friends and family and tell them to check out your blog!