Grace’s Packing List

Of course you will adjust to suit your own style and personality.  I can fit all of this into a 20 inch carry-on, though in winter trips, I admit to wearing a lot of heavy clothes on the plane in order to do so. 

Some of the items have an asterisk* (or two **, or three ***) after them: these are items that may need some explanation. Below the list, I will give an explanation for these items.

(In parentheses: items which are needed for some trips, for special reasons)

For temperate or hot weather trips: List “A” and “C”

For cold weather trips: List “B” and “C”

(In parentheses: specialty items which are needed for some trips but not for others)

1. Inside My Carry-On Bag :

A. Clothes for Temperate Weather

__long skirt or pants
__underskirt with secret pocket,
or under-clothes wallet

B. Cold Weather Clothes (What I took to Prague in December)

__1 pair winter pants
__long underwear pant
__extra long underwear pant
__change of heavy wool socks
__ear warmer and scarf
__warm knitted hat
__rag wool mittens from LL Bean

C. Clothes for Either Hot or Cold Weather

__2 to 4 tee shirts
__2 sets underwear
__2 to 4 pair socks
__long tunic top
__dressy top for dressy evenings
__scarf or scarves
__(underskirt with secret pocket, sometimes I use this
in place of an under-clothes wallet)

D. Small Items (optional items for certain trips are in parentheses)
__(change of jewelry in pouch)
__zip-loc bag with first aid items
___immodium AD
___Gatorade or Pediolyte
__toilette articles bag with non-liquid items you need, such as
___non-liquid deoderant
___Nivea skin cream
___nail clippers
___nail file
__spare sunglasses*
__earplugs, the kind that you stuff into your
ear and the shape adjusts
__medications in Sunday-Saturday strip container
(or in original containers if tour leader says so)
__coil for heating water in hotel room
__electric outlet converter if necessary for the destination
__spoon for stirring instant coffee
__(packets of instant cappuchino mix for the AM)
__(pantihose for dressy evenings)
__sandals (I take “slides”, for dressy evenings or bathroom trips
__2 sun hats, fitting inside each other*
__small spray bottle**
__a couple of plastic bags for dirty laundry
__extra bag to check purchased items on return trip
__(cloth bag or string bag, for carrying around water bottle, guidebook
jacket and/or raincoat during day
__two light weight hangers
__travel alarm
__two bungee cords in outside pocket of bag
__small luggage strap for securing items to bag (such as neck pillow)
__house key for when you return home
__liquids bag in outside pocket of suitcase, with
___(liquid makeup)
___small shampoo***
___(conditioner) ***
___ _________________(other liquids you use).
___neck pillow
___reading matter
___phone charger
___phrase book
___TP in small bags for iffy toilets
___any necessary paperwork for trip,
___ travel insurance papers
___ extra copies of passport photos
___copy of first page of passport****
__13-gallon plastic garbage bag (to surround entire
contents of your bag, invaluable if you must walk
in drenching rain)*****
__(guitar tuner, picks)
__(small tambourine)

2. In Under-Seat Carry-On

__wallet with daily $ and one of two cards
__(make-up bag if you use make-up)
__small notebook for daily notes
__fleece vest
__small laptop or _________
__scarf if traveling in Muslim countries

3. Clothes to Wear

__long pants or skirt
__T-shirt__long tunic
__ under-clothes wallet with cash and documents you do not need right then
(or, in my case, sometimes a special underskirt which includes a secret pocket)
__I use one of those hanging from the neck things, to wear on plane,
with itinerary, passport
(once you’ve landed, these go in your secret under-clothes


Explanations of Asterisked Items:

* I had a basal-cell skin cancer taken out of my nose, so sunglasses and a hat are “de rigeur” for me.Thus I always bring spare sunglasses and a spare hat, as losing either one of these items could make my trip miserable, and you can’t always buy the type I like at any old store along the way.

**a small spray bottle can be filled with water in the hotel room. Spraying wrinkled clothes,
shaking them out, and hanging them up overnight, can leave even cotton clothes wrinkle-free.
This is a tip my daughter shared with me.

***small hotels do not always provide shampoo and conditioners, hostels rarely

****tour leaders have informed me that a copy of the first page of your passport will expedite things if yours is stolen and you must go to the US Embassy for a 2nd one

*****you can either cut a slit in the garbage bag to fit over the extended pull-handle of your wheeled bag (taking some small clips to keep the rain from getting in the slit) or you can wrap the entire contents of your bag in the garbage bag inside your bag. I have added this item to my packing list ever since I arrived at my destination with all of my clothes half-wet. Those carry-on bags are water-resistant, but I found out that they are not water-proof!

Last but not least, here’s an easy way to use your own pack list:

1. First I copy it to notepad and save it on my hard-drive

2. As I pack, I go down the list and put an x in front of each item as I pack it. Things that I can’t pack until the last minute get jotted on a “short list” for the last minute.

3. Then I click the “x” and a window comes up asking if you want to save changes. Click “no” and all the “x” marks disappear, ready for the next time you want to pack!

(Every time I change hotels, I always use the list when packing then as well, having lost too many things when I just used the “look around the room before you go” method.