The Way (Movie Review)

  One of the members of my travel club actually took six weeks one fall when she was between jobs, and walked the entire Pilgrim Trail from somewhere in the Pyrenees (France) to the Northwest of Spain.

She saw the movie “The Way” at the Scottsdale International Film Festival and liked it enough to go see it twice. I had heard an interesting interview with the director, and when it came to the Harkins Theatres near me, I had to go.

What a movie!  I found it extremely satisfying, artistically and emotionally. The acting was excellent and the casting spot on.  I was moved to tears several times, but there were also many chuckles and some ironic gut-wrenching laughs, from me.  Martin Sheen’s character, a no nonsense LA businessman who is propelled unexpectedly onto the Pilgrim Trail by a need to work through the sudden death of his estranged son, is joined by a Dutchman who eats too much, an Irishman with writer’s block who talks too much, and a skinny New York blonde who smokes too much.

I won’t reveal any more, but I will say that I highly recommend this movie to everyone, whether they are religious or not.