Grace’s Posting Guidelines

1. In your profile, in the box that says “name” should go the name or alias you want other viewers to see, not your username.

2. Please first “kind of introduce yourself”! This is not a requirement, but if others know something about you, it’s easier for them to relate to you. First name (or nickname or alias), your gender and age, area where you live now, where you were raised, what kind of travel you like, maybe a favorite destination…..that kind of thing

3. No personal information in the “comment box”. Yes, you were asked to give information when you registered with Disqus, or with Facebook or Twitter. But do not post any phone numbers, addresses, e-mail or private personal info in the comment window—-web crawling programs will find it and you do not want that!
Exception: If you really want another viewer to contact you in person, you could write out your e-mail address in a format which web-crawlers won’t recognize, such as john at yahoo dot com, and those who which to e-mail you privately can put your e-mail address into the correct format.

3. Be polite! Basically, every one has different ideas, and there’s no interesting conversation without some disagreement. What I ask is that if you do disagree with a previous comment, please do it in a way which is not a put-down of that  person or their comment. And it’s a given that this community is not the place for rude language, racism, nationalism, or mean-spiritedness about others’ beliefs or lifestyles.

4. I do reserve the right to remove any comment which I feel does not follow the above guidelines. I also refuse to be liable for anything which may result should  one viewer contact another through this site.  And, my dear friends, remember the following:
Most people in this world are wonderful, but we all know that there is a small minority out there who are pretty grim in their intentions. Internet sites are a wonderful opportunity to build community, but they also provide an opportunity for the criminal minority to disguise who they are.